A simple servlet pages without any location

Hello Everyone,

I want to create a servlet kind of module in Jira cloud which I can call from my HTML/hbs files

adding the below module in app descriptor without location but it’s adding module icon in system.top.navigation.bar location.

“url”: “/my-general-page”,
“value”: “My General Page”
“key”: “my-general-page”


I am doing something wrong here please give some idea how can i do this.

Sarika Dalal

@SarikaDalal, while I don’t think this is documented or officially supported, you should be able to use any invalid "location" value to avoid the web item showing up in the default location. Many other apps do this, typically using:

"location": "none"


Thanks for response on this.
I did it from another way from app.get and rendering my view page