A way to make the authorization URL available to people in the same company?

Is there any middle ground between “Your app is listed as private” and “Enabling sharing for your app will let you distribute the installation URL to people outside your company” (I know I need to make a support ticket to enable sharing)
I don’t want to make my custom app available to people outside my company, but the authorization URL only works for me.

@alex9, welcome to the Atlassian developer community.

From the Atlassian side, I think the option you want is still to make your app public. Notice the caveat:

Note that making your app public does not make it available on the Atlassian Marketplace.

In other words, “public” doesn’t mean “discoverable”.

If you do want to lock down your App further, then you are free to put controls or authorization on all of the UI and endpoints controlled by you. For example, a 3LO App can still be built behind a network firewall, as long as all your users are also behind that firewall and can access Jira Cloud. Auth flows aside, that assumes your App doesn’t need to receive webhooks from Jira Cloud.