Ability to receive a complete list of removed commits via webhook

Hi Team,

We plan to implement webhooks usage to update the in-app commits metadata index. The problem here is that we can’t track commits removal from the git repository. I’m aware of your current git gc logic. But from the app perspective, we can’t find out what commits were actually removed from git using the current list of webhooks. We do can get some list of commits from force push webhook, but it may provide a trimmed response, and we can’t entirely rely on it. Moreover, those removed commits are still available via REST API.

On Server/DC platform, we have a way to get a list of the removed commits. Is there a way to get a complete commits’ hashes list when a user or git gc removes them from a repository on Cloud?


Hi @aokulovich ,

I have created BCLOUD-21326 to capture this request. At this stage, however, there is no timetable of when this will be implemented.