Able to set default grant for custom project permission

Hi, we were wondering if we can initially set default grants for custom jira project permissions using jiraProjectPermissions module ( when first added to Jira project permissions?

Maybe similar to defaultGrants for global permission ( ?


Hi @StevenPila
I’ve reached out to the Jira Permissions team to see if I can get an answer for you on this.

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Got it. Thank you @mpaisley for the quick response. We’ll be waiting :slight_smile:


I’ve been in touch with the Jira Permissions team and confirmed that at this time you cannot set default values for project permissions. I can see you’ve created a public feature request for this functionality at [ACJIRA-2663] - Ecosystem Jira which is the best way to request this functionality be added.

Thanks again,

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Ohh I see. Got it. Thank you for the confirmation @mpaisley .