About customizing notifications


I’m trying to include the space name after the comment when the notification email is sent to the user. If there is a user mentioned, I want to append the space name where the user is being mentioned at the end of the comment.

To do this, I have uncompressed confluence-email-notifications-plugin-9.5.1 and updated the template comment-add-2.0.0.soy.

In this template, I edited the following line by adding $spaceName:

{param contentArea: [$pageTitle, $contentExcerpt, [‘class’ : ‘action-padding’, ‘content’ : $pageActions], '

Space: ’ ~ $spaceName ~ ‘

’, $replyByEmail]/}

After that, I recompressed the entire JAR file, placed it in the correct folder, and restarted Confluence.

However, when I tested it, the space name did not appear in the notification email.

Am I doing something wrong? Is the template correct?
Confluence version. 7.12.2

Thanks in advance.