About env variables from dev to prod

i am developping a plugin for confluence, and i am using env vars for my dev (.env file)
i deployed to Heroku, and set the variables ==> ok
i installed the plugin in an other instance https://mysite-prod.atlassian.net/wiki
==> install ok, but what about env variables? for exemple CONFLUENCE_URL need to be https://mysite-prod.atlassian.net/wiki (confluence site where plugin is installed, and it’s dynamic) and not https://mysite.atlassian.net/wiki, also for username and password, i don’t find docs for this probleme

Are you using any of the official Atlassian frameworks? Atlassian Connect Spring Boot for example?

@andreas1 hello, i use Atlassian connect express, i don’t found haw to replace env vars in production for authentication, so finally i replaced authentication by token and now i don’t use env vars in my plugin