About the Advanced Confluence Content Customization EAP category

Excited to announce we’ve opened up Partner Early Access for advanced content customization options. The goal of these changes is to give customers more ways to personalize Confluence and bring their workspaces to life. See screenshots in more details below.



Change #1 is an updated content topper, to give any page a more polished feel. Now, users header can expand to the full width of a page, and they can align their titles to the center. To find these changes, simply hover over the title text.

Change #2 is a new cards macro to let users display content is a more compelling way. They can configure the cards in dozens of different ways. To find these changes, they can go to the macro menu via the / command or the + button in edit mode.

We want to ensure app developers have access to these features early so they can identify any issues this causes to their apps. To get these changes on your workspace, all you need to do is add your instance URLs and contact to this form. Please raise any discussion within this topic! For additional context about this EAP, please refer to our previously posted RFC.