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I want to bring my apologies if this question was covered somewhere and I missed it. But is “Forge” allows us to host apps for free? Is it a free platform?
The announcement said that it’s built with AWS Lambda Service. And AWS Lambda Service has the price. So, could you please clarify do we need to pay for AWS Lambda while using Forge?

Hi @piskunovigorm,

We will communicate the three to four year overall plan for pricing next quarter, but in the meantime here is our current line of thinking: we don’t want to charge for Forge, as it generates value by cultivating Atlassian’s Ecosystem to benefit our customers, providing our developers with economies of scale in cloud hosting costs, security and speed to market.

That means we’re approaching this from a resource utilisation perspective: we’re looking at whether we can use simple, tiered usage limits. Instead of charging for higher tiers, they would be made accessible to apps with larger scale in our customer base to align with Forge’s value. Again, this is only our current line of thinking, and you can look out for a formal announcement next quarter.

As always, we’re keen on any feedback on our approach :slight_smile:


What IDE’s do you support, or how do i get code completion intellisense etc?>

is Forge a proprietary technology or is it related to https://forge.jboss.org/ ?

Hey @MarkRichardson—we support all IDEs in the sense that you can run Forge code in them, but we don’t have any sort of code completion available as far as I’m aware (most of Forge is ordinary JavaScript and JSX, so it’s interoperable with the ordinary JS ecosystem).

My team also provides the forge lint command in the CLI which will help validate your Forge manifest to ensure it’ll work correctly before you upload it.

To your second question—Forge is a proprietary Atlassian technology and unrelated to the project you linked.

I am getting an error when deploying the template app for confluence page for forge v0.28.1

Error: Error thrown in the snapshot context.
App code error: Snapshot error occurred: Error: util.inherits is not a function

from @forge/cli/out/deploy/deployer/deployer.js:126:23

Where is the best place to share things like this with Atlassian?

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When I run “forge tunnel” I’m getting this error:

Checking Docker image... 100%
Your Docker image is up to date.
docker: Error response from daemon: invalid IP address in add-host: "host-gateway".

“docker run hello-world” works fine.
“forge lint” with a Forge project shows “no issues found”.
“forge deploy” works w/o errors.

System is Ubuntu 20.04.2 LTS.
Docker version is 20.10.6 (Client) and 19.03.13 (Server).

Any hint?