About those horizontal tabs

So, apparently, horizontal tabs are coming to Jira Work Management?

Sounds great, but euhm… can we get some sort of heads-up on how this will work with apps that have integrated with the project sidebar?


So, it looks like it’s partially rolled out and creating problems.

We’re seeing that generalPages are rendered now inside project view with horizontal view, likely because Connect is adding project context variables to the URL (eg project.key=CT&project.id=10007), even though we don’t require it in the descriptor. Do we need to somehow modify the descriptors now?

There is still no public announcement on the feature, only the LinkedIn post and this teaser on the community forum: https://community.atlassian.com/t5/Jira-Work-Management-Articles/Explore-October-s-updates-in-Jira-Work-Management/ba-p/2181844

Not sure why this is already rolling out. @rwhitbeck / @dmorrow can you confirm that this is indeed rolling out? I don’t know anyone from the JWM team, so not sure who else to tag.

Hi @kazimir_io,

Connect general pages should definitely not have the horizontal navigation showing. We did have a bug related to this behaviour a week ago, but that was subsequently fixed and should not occur again. Would you have a screenshot (including the full page URL) of the horizontal nav showing on the app? That would help us understand in which scenario this issue is still happening.


hi @remie - i’m a product manager in JWM. Apologies for the confusion this rollout has caused you. With this change, the installed app can be accessed via the “app” dropdown in the new horizontal tabs, but there will be no change to the links or integrations with the project sidebar - those will still appear in the sidebar. There may be a bug here as outlined by @matthieu.diberardino below.
This feature doesn’t require any change from our marketplace partners and so was treated as an end user product launch and announced via our usual channels, including our public roadmap, release notes as well as a community post i published.

Apart of course that Marketplace Partners might get customer support requests from customers that no longer can find our apps, and that we might need to change our marketing materials (incl. video’s), documentation, etc. :roll_eyes:

This is not personally directed to you @LorettaBrunette, but when will Atlassian product managers learn that you are terribly bad at making the call whether or not a change is going to impact Atlassian Marketplace Partners? Also, and I really cannot wrap my head around this: why even try? In what way will it hurt the Atlassian product managers to simply give a heads up on CDAC (or any other channel) before making a feature GA? What do you have to loose?

Stop making assumptions and frustrate the Atlassian Economy.


I have to agree with Remie here, it sure does require a lot of changes on our side as well, especially in our documentation and tutorial videos.

Also, it seems that the navigation for JWM is now different than for JSW/JSM projects. Is this intended? Is it staying like this or is it going to be changed in the other Jira versions as well? Otherwise we’ll have to add a second version of our documentation when setting up some of our apps, depending if a JWM or another project type is being used. Not a big fan.


Hi @remie and @BenRomberg - thanks for the feedback, I will certainly take this on board for future releases. I can confidently speak for all PM’s here at Atlassian when I say that we value our marketplace partners and by no way want to frustrate this community.
@BenRomberg - there are no current plans to bring this style of navigation to the other Jira products.
As a FYI - this change has been rolled out to 50% of sites and will stay this way for another 2 weeks while we monitor the impact.

That’s disappointing to hear. Why is the left navigation now wasted for the project selection which I can already do in the top navigation? Aren’t many customers using multiple project types in their Jira instances and it would be confusing to them having two completely different navigation styles? Also having the left navigation jump between options depending what is selected at the (new) project navigation is weird (e.g. on the Issues and Reports tabs). What was wrong with the old navigation style? Doesn’t Jira have more than enough other feature requests, voted by hundreds of customers for many years, that would deserve some attention?

I guess we don’t discuss Jira UX in here, but still hard to grasp this change. Anyway, good to know that our feedback is valued, thanks for confirming! :slight_smile:


Hi @LorettaBrunette,
I also noticed some broken behaviour with apps. When opening an app from the top navigation bar while being in the new horizontal menu it will place the app inside the project scope. See the screenshots.

Screenshot 2022-11-25 at 14.20.32

hi @BenRomberg - although built on the Jira Platform, JWM is a separate product to JSW and JSM, with unique features and this navigation change makes it clearer to users that they are now in a Business Project (hopefully reducing confusion around why certain features are not available). It also sets us up for a number of future changes we have coming, such as the ability to select multiple projects in a view (and save this to the left sidebar, hence for our need for more space here) as well as user level configuration/customisation of the views, now in the horizontal tabs.
In terms of our prioritisation process, we are close to our public feature requests and reviewing these are part of our process when we build and review our roadmap.
I hope this helps provide some insight

thanks for raising this @thomas1 - we did have a bug for this which we thought we fixed, but have re-opened it and will fix as a matter or priority - you can track this here: [JWMCLOUD-357] Opening a full page in a global app is displaying JWM's new project view navigation - Create and track feature requests for Atlassian products.

I don’t share the argument. They still use Jira also when the project specific type and context are “business”. So all Jira products should maintain commons features e.g. navigation.

What would you say if Microsoft would say the navigation in Excel, Word and PowerPoint would be different? You would hopefully agree that every user who uses more then one product, would hate that and didn’t understand this product decision.
Back to Jira… it would simply not feel seamless as the products share the same url. So for non Atlassian product managers it’s the same tool :wink:

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To be honest, for me, the decision on how to design the Jira platform is the prerogative of Atlassian product managers & designers. It’s their product. Any discussion about Jira features & UX should go to the Community forum, as this is something between Atlassian and the end-users.

However, I do think it is good to discuss how these changes impact apps. If the new UI/UX is confusing with regard to using apps, we should definitely let Atlassian know.


thanks for your thoughts @tied . We have no plans to change the global horizontal navigation, consitent across the Jira’s, specifically within JWM, but we did make the decision to change the navigation within the context of a business project for the reasons I outlined above. I also must note that we did speak to customers and perform multiple rounds of testing for this change and the rollout to date is going very well.

Thanks @remie and thanks again for pulling us up on our comms approach, myself and the team will take this on board for future releases


Hi @LorettaBrunette - I also want to challenge your assertion that JWM, JSW, and JSM are different products. Atlassian may treat them as distinct products internally, but @tied is spot-on that to customers, Jira the product; the entire point of Jira’s customizability is that you can solve the vast majority of business cases using a single product. Most medium+ organizations are going to need all three flavors, but that means users are inherently going to be bouncing between them, which necessitates that they work and act similarly.