About timeZone and locale in the "/rest/api/3/myself" response


According to the Jira Cloud REST API documentation, timeZone and locale fields in the response of the “/rest/api/3/myself” endpoint can be null depending on the user’s privacy setting. However, when I change the time zone’s visibility to “only you” in my profile, the timeZone in the response of the REST endpoint becomes Jira’s default timeZone. I could not find the privacy setting for locale and it is always returned as the user’s locale.

When do these two fields (timeZone and locale) become null for the “/rest/api/3/myself” endpoint?


Hi @Berkayztrk,

I assume you are referring to the documentation of the User object that is returned by the response. That User object is also returned by other REST API endpoints so the commentary is quite generic. When calling the /rest/api/3/myself endpoint, the fields will always be populated because the principle requesting the user data should always have access to their own data.

You may like to read the [Profile Visibility] article (https://developer.atlassian.com/cloud/jira/platform/profile-visibility/) for a more in depth understanding of the principles.


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Yes, I was referring to the User object.

Thanks for the clarification.