<ac:image><ri:attachment> Can not be Shown as a part of my macro body!

Hi developers, i have a macro with rich text body in which i inserted an image but it’s not shown in Confluence Page !!
i got html code like this :
<p><ac:image ac:height="250"><ri:attachment ri:filename="ss.PNG" ri:version-at-save="1"></ri:attachment></ac:image></p>
Any help plz and thnx.

A dynamic or static macro? In a dynamic macro (iframe) you have to output HTML not Confluence storage format. Your code is storage format.

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@andreas1 it’s a dynamic macro !

Then you know the reason. Output HTML and you should be fine.

@andreas1 plz guide me how to edit the output to HTML and thnx bro

Dear @samersboui2016,

you can either use a Confluence REST call to convert your storage snippet to view (HTML) or you have to return your image in a HTML img-tag.

Kind regards



thnx @andreas1 i gonna try it.