Ac-spring-boot with MongoDB

hi, I am new to ac-spring-boot and trying to build a JIRA plugin with MongoDB as the backend. However, the document is very limited. I looked into ac-spring-boot samples but I got no lucky.

Can someone please help me build a very simple demo project to use MongoDB?
And, it would be great if can share me some tutorial document on how to build a plugin with ac-spring-boot.

I appreciate anyone could help me !


@meidaiwang the Atlassian Developer blog So, you want to create an Atlassian Connect add-on in Java? provides a general tutorial. If you Google you will find more third-party tutorials.

The atlassian-connect-spring-boot-data-mongo-it sample project may help you with MongoDB. We removed it in the upgrade to Spring Boot 3, since Spring Boot no longer manages the version of de.flapdoodle.embed.mongo.

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