Access JSM API via oldschool OAuth

I am aware that the JSM API is currently not accessible via forge but I would like to know if I can still access it by setting up an old-school OAuth connection as per
Is that possible or do I have to develop my app using Connect?

Hi @MichaelIlewicz ,

It isn’t possible yet as it’s the same auth. The JSM team are yet to onboard their APIs to OAuth 2.0.

You may wish to watch FRGE-391.


Ok Thanks for the clarification. The JSM reference documents 2.0 usage here so I assumed that it is already implemented. Would any of the following solutions work with a forge app instead?

  1. use a connect module to wrap communication with JSM API
  2. use basic authentication from within forge (if necessary with a custom UI element?)
  3. use 1.0 authentication from within forge