Access to Application Links


We’ve an Force and Connect apps which can connect to on-prem Atlassian apps. For example from Confluence Cloud to Bitbucket Data Center. Atlassian has the Application Link mechanism to connect and authenticate these systems. It got even improved with Application Tunnels, which is a good solution to connect a on-prem app behind a Firewall with a Cloud app.

DC apps can take advantage of this work. However, Atlassian Cloud apps (Forge and Connect) can’t use this infrastructure. Or am I missing something?

This lead us to ugly solutions:

  • Duplicating configuration for our cloud apps when you want to connect to a on prem app.
  • Plus that duplication has its own, different security mechanism. (ex. API tokens to manage)
  • If the on-prem app is behind a Firewall, we have no satisfying solution. Currently the customer has to open a gigantic IP range (like AWS datacenter IP ranges). Or we would have add our own tunneling mechanism.

So, it would be really nice if a Cloud app could take advantage of the App Links. So far I didn’t find any hint that this is possible?

I hope that at some point Forge can offer an API to use the application links.

PS: here are our feature requests for Forge and Connect.

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