Access to JSD widget source code (

I would like access to the source code for the JSD widget ( Is that possible? We would like to customize it in ways that are not possible the way it is currently written.

For example, I would like to remove the button and have the JSD window pop up via a link from a chat bot. I would also like to pre-populate the email address in the email address field and the current URL in the description field, which would give us context into their issue.

In order to accomplish the above items, I would have to do a lot of javascript hacking and it would be very ugly, and it would break if Atlassian changes the javascript. Modifying the source would be so much easier.



Welcome to the Atlassian developer community @JoeMcClelland,

Putting aside that your hyperlink is to JavaScript itself, no, there is no meaningful way for you to access at a layer that would safely preserve your changes over time.

I recommend logging a feature request about making that widget extensible so you, and others who might stumble upon this thread, would have something formal to track. Could you please open a “suggestion” (our term for feature request) issue yourself in our open Jira (JAC) in the ECO project ? Once you have the issue key, please let us know here so other folks can watch, vote, and comment.

Hi, thanks Ian. I really appreciate the quick reply.

So I don’t think access to the source code would have worked anyway. I tried a quick test and the modified script was blocked by the browser’s CORS policy because the script was loaded on my local domain but it then tried to access other URLs in the Atlassian domain. The very thing CORS prevents.

Just so I understand, the widget javascript is not open source where I can modify it for the community to benefit? I think Atlassian should consider making it open source. It’s not a very sophisticated widget, and it’s really lacking in customization. I’ve found many tickets where someone wants to do the same thing I’m doing and other customizations as well. Those tickets are quite old, so no one is really looking into this.

In the meantime I’ll raise a suggestion.



Yes, I confirm. And your CORS experiment is a strong illustration that the problem is deeper than just “open source”. What you would need is a way to get your changes into Atlassian infrastructure so it runs. Fortunately, we do have a way that other parts of our products can be extended in exactly that way: Forge. If I were “solutioning”, I’d suggest making the widget a Forge extension point.

It’s true this hasn’t been much of a priority lately. But, maybe a well-framed problem statement would help that product team realize they could let customers “scratch their own itch” by building Forge extensibility. Then a whole class of JAC tickets could be solve at once. All that to say that I don’t have any better way to help that get prioritized than the “watch, vote, and comment” advice.