Accessing Development information from ACE add on

Using a basic install of the ACE framework I am attempting to access a Jira ticket’s development information from the add-on. When using
var httpClient = addon.httpClient(req); httpClient.get(/rest/dev-status/1.0/issue/summary?issueId=${req.query.issueId}&applicationType=stash&dataType=pullrequest, function(err, res, body) { console.log(body); });
The only response I get back is a 403 forbidden html document.
I then attempt to use the impersonation method:
and only receive json back:
{"errorMessages":["No issue exists with the ID: '10000'"],"errors":{}}

Is there a way of properly querying Jira to get this information?

Edit As a follow up you can directly curl the REST api endpoint and get back the correct branch information (assuming the user you are querying with has authenticated with the Bitbucket application).