Accessing historical Jira data in bulk via Forge App?

Say you have:

  • A forge app
  • A custom backend on your own servers, which can run more computationally intensive tasks than Forge apps can

You wanted to be able to access historical Jira data (e.g issues, sprints, epics, etc) on your backend - so you can do some heavier analysis and display the results in Forge - on the frontend

How can that be done via Forge?

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I think this is possible, at least I have called external services from my forge app. For me, the backend uses token-based authentication i.e providing Bearer <Token> in the authorization header.

In your manifest.yml file you need to provide the necessary permissions for this to work. See:

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Yeah, but how does my backend (that’s not running on Forge) access the Jira API to pull the historical data? Is there a JWT i can pass to my backend via fetch / resolve?


Right - so, do I have to do the whole Oauth flow (and is that even possible in Forge, as it requires redirects)?

Or, is there a way to use Forge’s own JWT to access the API to download the historical data, without making the user do the oauth flow?

Users are already asked to approve the permissions requested by the app when installing it - so it’d be a bit redundant to make them do Oauth again.