Accessing JIRA Rest API via Forge app


We are currently evaluating whether we can use Forge or Connect for our specific use-case.

We want to create a Jira app that allows our external application to call the Jira Rest API via a Oauth/JWT or similar setup. Connect seems to have this functionality integrated by generating a JWT token which allows us to access the JIRA API.
Is it also possible to do something similar with Forge? Since Forge is the newer platform, we’d prefer to with Forge. We have done a couple of tests and can’t find anything in de docs about this. The only thing we ended up with is using WebTriggers. But WebTriggers have no authentication/security in place and we’d also have to write a layer on top of the JIRA API in forge, which is kind of redundant.

Is there any way of authenticating a 3rd party app with a Forge app so one can access the JIRA Rest API or are there any plans for this in the future?

Welcome to the Atlassian developer community @FrankKe,

I think the short answer is, “Not yet.”

We’re close. Atlassian has been working on a set of changes under the umbrella of RFC-8 Forge Remote. And several of the milestones mentioned in that RFC are now available in early access. However, it sounds like what you need is milestone 3, which is not yet available. We adjusted based on feedback and changed the order of the milestones; hence, milestone 4 came before 3. I don’t have any predictions on when milestone 3 might be available.