Accessing REST API return 401 (Unauthorized)

I’m trying to call this API endpoint: “/rest/agile/latest/board?type=kanban” using atlassian connect.

I’m using this documentation as reference:

I can get the OauthAccessToken, but when I’m trying to call the API using the token by adding:
“Authorization: Bearer {MyAccessToken}” in the request header, I keep getting 401 Unauthorized error.

Thanks in advance for the help.


I’d say it’s one of two things:

a) When you request the OAuth 2.0 access token, maybe the claims in the JWT assertion are wrong somehow. Can you provide details of the request you are using to obtain the OAuth 2.0 access token?

b) It might simply be that the user on whose behalf you are making the request does not have access to the boards. You can check that by logging into JIRA as that user and navigating to the list of boards.

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