Account ID formats

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I did a get Users search call and had a look at all account IDs. Why is there a difference between some of them?
Eg some are 71121:6b1f7b04-6e9e-4276-b4d8-4d7b1678e327 and others are 5f3becff3ab35c003f30d837
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Hi @YatishMadhav, indeed, account IDs can vary in shape and format. The only axiom to follow on account IDs is that they’re guaranteed to be unique for each user.

Thanks for the quick reply @nmansilla … that is given I guess :slight_smile:

Is there any factors it is based on or reasons they may differ? i.e. what defines the difference for various users to have diff IDs?

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@YatishMadhav unfortunately, no. There isn’t a pattern/rule that can be applied. Do you ask out of general curiosity, or is there a particular goal you’re trying to achieve?

Hi @YatishMadhav,

@nmansilla is right. In case you need to store account IDs in your database, we provide the additional information so you can store them reasonable efficiently:

It is 1-128 characters long and may contain alphanumeric characters as well as - and : characters*

*Copied from User privacy guide for app developers. In case this post is ready later, check with that source in case the information changes.


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Thanks for the replies @nmansilla and @dmorrow.

I was just curious as it is odd and was wondering why the differences and if it meant anything.

Thanks for that link too.

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