AccountID not returned to users API requests

Hello. I am having some trouble with the REST API. When I make a request to rest/api/2/users/search, the response does not include an account ID. This is weird because when I requested with another domain, the response is as expected. Does this have anything to do with the fact that the test domain is while the domain experiencing issues is (and is Jira Software Cloud)?

This looks like a server vs cloud issue. Account ID is a Jira Cloud concept (e.g. It doesn’t exist in Jira Server or Jira Data Centre.
If the domain of the site is then I’m guessing that this is a Jira Server or Data Centre installation.

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Thank you @bkelley. But is there a complete documentation on what the API for Jira Server/DC has to offer? Because based on both Software Cloud and Server docs the API is rather limited, but when I tried some endpoints from Cloud API they still work, and I seem to be trying my luck every time I make a request

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Hi @PhongNguyen ,

The server API documentation is available at


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Now it makes a lot more sense. Thanks for your link @dmorrow