ACE and uninstall lifecycle event

The documentation states for ACE (and AC spring):

These frameworks handle tasks like JWT authentication and signing, persistence of host details, installation and uninstallation callbacks,

However ACE does not handle the uninstall callback. There is an open issue , but it’s open since 2016.

Edit: opened issue

My question is: How to handle the uninstall callback? Any examples?

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It’s just another call where you do the .authenticate() call in the middleware:

In the descriptor:

	"installed": "/installed",
	"uninstalled": "/uninstalled"

Then in the code:'/uninstalled', addon.authenticate(), (req, res) => {
.. do stuff to delete things here ...

Now that said - you probably don’t want to do anything seriously deletion in the /uninstalled hook. The best way to detect if an app has been removed from an instance is to poll the instances everyday and after X days of continuous lack of access (check for the license end point) - then declare that things has been removed and you can delete. (Or at least that’s what I’ve been told and haven’t heard anything to the contrary - @nmansilla @rwhitbeck @mpaisley - please correct me).

Now you can use the /uninstalled hook as an indicator that something should be removed - but it is still http so not guaranteed (there are a lot of devices between your service and Atlassian)…