ACE ERR_NGROK_6024 issue

We’re trying to build our first Connect app using ACE and are running into error ERR_NGROK_6024 which results in a blank screen and “Something went wrong” message on the app page on the dev instance.

There is already an issue explaining the context and symptoms of this error. But I can’t figure out how to implement a workaround from the application side? It looks like we need to change the request headers (and not the response headers as stated in the issue). Is this possible, or is there another workaround?

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If I understand correctly the question - we use ModHeader chrome extension with ‘ngrok-skip-browser-warning’ header to solve exactly the same problem.

Yes, this modifies the request, not the response.


Thanks @PaweGrski, this is exactly what we were looking for.

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hi @PaweGrski , where and in which file i have to add this “ngrok-skip-browser-warning”: “69420” in my project?
Its, not working for me in package.json file. please reply asap.

This has to be added as a browser extension, not in the project.