ACE - jiraIssueFields working example


I’m trying to get the jiraIssueFields working with ACE. It’s rendering the screen on the issue view however it’s always ‘None’ even when the property exists against the issue.

If the key in the root object doesn’t match the property.key the field also doesn’t get rendered :expressionless:

Does anyone have a working example? The example on the docs has the same result.

Thank you

Can you provide the link with the example on our docs that also doesn’t work?

Sorry, there is no specific working example in the docs using property. This is just from me piecing together the examples from Issue Field and Issue Field Property.

This is why I’m asking for a working example. It would be good to see one in the docs though :smiley:.


I’ve resolved this now. It was happening because I had to define the . as the property path.

        "property": {
            "path": ".", <--
            "key": "property-name",
            "type": "string"
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