ACE, ReactDomServer, UI Blocking

Im using ACE but am finding that loading spinners etc are redundant because of the server side rendering.

I would like to be able to have my spinners animate during fetch calls and other processing.

Is there a work around ? The UI blocking is very ugly and seems quite counter intuitive

Hi @AdamCranch ,

I don’t follow, I’m afraid. There’ll be some kind of loading indicator when the iframe is first loaded, and UI blocking if a link causes the iframe to navigate to a different page, but if you’re doing fetch calls and other processing using javascript, where and when spinners show should be entirely in your control, via react if you’ve set up your ACE to use react, or whatever other javascript framework you were wanting to use.

ok, sorry… you may be right.

Ive just realized visiting the @atlaskit/spinners documentation - none of the spinners are moving there either. Which is totally weird since ive tried loading the documentation on edge/browser/ff and none of them are moving - which ive never seen before.