ACE "request" package depreciation

Hi @rwhitbeck , @aagrawal2 , @nmansilla ,

In ACE, the npm package request is deprecated.

What plans are there to migrate to a supported http library? I’m asking because knowing the library would allow us to use the same library in our code.

Hi @marc,

We are aware of this deprecation and will make plans to remove our dependency on it. Since this is less than a week old, there is no timeline around this as of now.


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Thank you for the heads up @aagrawal2 .
When you choose a replacement, can you let us know in advance? That would allow us to use the same package in our http calls.

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Multiple dittos. Even if nothing is implemented yet - just knowing what direction ya’ll are going to take would be great.

@danielwester @marc I will pass this on to our team. Thanks :slight_smile: