Active User Counts for Jira & Confluence Clou

I’m looking for the ability to read the number of active users for a given Jira and/or Confluence Cloud instance.

So far, I’ve tried several different ways, but each one seems to have a critical limitation or issue that prevents it from being reliable:

  1. This endpoint:
    Even when filtered on active and type atlassian, this endpoint still returns all users across both Jira Software and Jira Service Management instances, without the ability to filter down further. This is problematic because I need the ability to view just the Jira Software users.

  2. For Confluence Cloud, the same endpoint has a current bug with the totalSize returned, making pagination impossible in certain scenarios: [CONFCLOUD-70462] Search for users REST API returns incorrect totalSize - Create and track feature requests for Atlassian products.

  3. The Groups endpoints are another method, however the default group names can be changed by a Jira/Confluence Admin so they aren’t always reliable.

  4. Finally, the Organizations API
    This API provides another method for the user counts, however it only includes users that a Jira Admin has verified, which is an additional set of steps that not every Jira Admin would complete.

Does anyone know of another method? All I’m asking for is the ability to query the number of Active Users for specific products: Jira Software (Cloud) and Confluence (Cloud). Despite the many APIs provided by Atlassian, I don’t see a reliable way of doing this…