ActiveObject OneToMany relationship returning an empty array

I have a series on ActiveObject entities in my JIRA plugin.

public interface AT extends Template {

	@OneToMany(reverse = "getAT")
	public ComponentOrder[] getOrders();


public interface CT extends Template {

	@OneToMany(reverse = "getCT")
	public ComponentOrder[] getOrders();

public interface IT extends CT {

	public String getAttribute();
        public void setAttribute(String attribute);

public interface ComponentOrder extends Entity {

	public AT getAT();

	public void setAT(AT at);

	public CT getCT();

	public void setCT(CT ct);

	public int getOrder();

	public void setOrder(int order);

	public static class ComponentOrderComparator implements Comparator<ComponentOrder> {

		public int compare(ComponentOrder o1, ComponentOrder o2) {
			return, o2.getOrder());


Template extends Entity.

The values I have in ComponentOrder are valid. Each entry points to one AT and one CT (plus containing the order).

If I get the list of AT, when I call getOrders(), it returns the correct objects from ComponentOrder.

//I specifically get one AT to get the number of components attached
int number = ao.find(AT.class)[2].getOrders().length;

However, if I get the list of IT, the number of components is zero.

int number = ao.find(IT.class)[0].getOrders().length;

If I search directly in ComponentOrder, I can can both the AT and CT without issue.

String nameAT = ao.find(ComponentOrder.class)[0].getAT().getName();
String nameCT = ao.find(ComponentOrder.class)[0].getCT().getName();

Has it something to do with the fact that my ComponentOrder entity points to a polymorphic object?