Activity feed does not work reliably

Hello, we’ve been trialing Compass for a while using Bitbucket Cloud repos and the activity feed does not work reliably. I spoke to your support team and they said you can remove the repo link and re-add it but we can’t do that “every day”.
Can you help?

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Hey there, Compass PM here would love to get a bit more info! To be clear, are you saying that some Deployment events are missing from the timeline? Are these Production or Staging deploys or both? Any patterns you recognize or is it random? Not sure who told you to just delete and re-add the link to fix this but yeah that isn’t a great fix :slight_smile:

All of them aren’t working, consistently so.

Deployments list in Jira:

Components list in Compass

One specific service/component in Compass indicating the repo is connected A-OK. We deployed 3 or 4 times yesterday.

Full activity graph for that same Compass component in staging env:

Full activity graph for that same Compass component in prod env:

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I just removed the repo link from that one component, and re-added it and now I see this:

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To add another data point, I’ve just rechecked that our own Develop with AWS (Compass) app does not seem to exhibit this behavior, i.e. we have projects that do not see deploys for days or weeks even, and still new events show up just fine in the activity feed.

So this might be provider specific, and I faintly recall that there have been related issues with the Bitbucket Cloud provider before, but am unable to find the reference - of course, given our projects are deployed comparatively infrequently, another angle might be the volume of events …

Hello! Compass engineer here - we’ve implemented a fix and I do see some deployment events being successfully received on your site now. Could you please check if things are working as expected now? If not, please use the chat bubble in the lower right-hand corner of Compass to let use know some more details (are all components affected? did anything change about the workspaces you had connected?) and we can set up a call to troubleshoot together!

Thanks @SarahBland, can you hint on the scope of the fix, i.e. whether this has been provider specific (Bitbucket) or a generic issue with the event store/API? You questions seem to suggest that this might only happen under highly specific circumstances, but given we distribute an activity feed app to customers, it would be difficult to document/discuss/debug/identify this possible regression without any context.

Thanks @SarahBland the activity feed is looking much better now! I’ve not validated that all the relevant components are showing all of the activity that they should but I can actually see some activity at all now which is a big improvement :slight_smile:

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That’s great to hear @jbevan! @sopel apologies for missing your question, this was a Bitbucket-scoped fix so your app should not be affected.

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