Add app details and screenshots in manage app section in Cloud Jira plugin

Hi Team,

As per attached screenshots I want to add screenshots and extra details like Full pricing details, documents etc.

I am not getting any idea how can i Add this details in My app.

any link on this please.

Is this for a new app? If so - from my experience - you have to have the app listed/installed from the Atlassian Marketplace for those to show up in cloud:

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@danielwester I am creating JIRA cloud app And added required details in marketplace vendor portal.

Not sure how can i add this details like screenshots, watch app and marketplace listing link in manage app section in JIRA.

Do i have to add this in my atlassian-connect.json file? if yes please share me how can i add this.

Hi @SarikaDalal,

I thought the manage app section in Jira ( only exposed the name, version and description from the app descriptor, however, your post has made me notice the “Loading screenshots…” message on each app. I haven’t seen any screenshots loaded so I’m questioning if this actually works. I’ll make some enquiries.


HI @dmorrow

Just want to know that in the App how can i add screenshots of app and marketplace link of app, so It will display in manage app section.

I am developing my first Cloud app for JIRA.
No idea how can I do that.

Those screenshots would be uploaded into the atlassian marketplace listing. However if your listing isn’t “public” - it doesn’t get used.
(I would give you documentation - but I can’t find any related to this).

Thanks @danielwester,

As per your suggestion when I will update screenshots in atlassian marketplace listing, It will automatically display in Manage app section as well??

Let me try it out, Thanks for response.

Moin @SarikaDalal,

I did not try it out yet, but I have found this today:
It looks like you have to create a separate atlassian-plugin-marketing.xml where you can define screenshots and more.


I hope this helps!

Greetings, Daniel

Update: sry, did not see you are requesting this for Cloud. This only works for Server :-/

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