Add Atlassian Connect Framework to build add-on with Laravel 5


I have created Laravel 5 package to create Atlassian Connect Add-on in a few steps:

I’m planning to maintain and improve this package, so please, add it to your page “Framework and Tools”:

Laravel is the most popular PHP framework so I hope it can help developers to write JIRA and Confluence add-ons using the framework that they love.

Best regards,
Artem Brezhnev

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Awesome @brezzhnev,

You probably want to list that framework here instead since the connect docs will be going away in favor of them being integrated with the product docs.

With that said the new docs have the ability to have end users contribute. If you feel this is a framework worth listing please click on “Improve this page” and submit a PR with this framework added.


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@rwhitbeck thanks for the response.

I’ve tried to improve but link seems not working:


Thanks for letting me know I am also not able to get that to work. I’ve raised a ticket internally to get that looked at ASAP.

Hi @brezzhnev,

I just got word from the development team that a fix is in place for the Improve this Page link. You should be able to create a PR with your addition now.

Thanks for your patience,


Hi @rwhitbeck,

I have created PR, thank you!