Add Banner to Help Center


We have a need to add banners to all our screens and have been able to add a banner to Service Desk pages but cannot find how to add a banner on the customer Help Center side. I see solutions for the cloud version but not server version.

I apologize in advance if this question is too elementary but we are new to this suite of products.

Thank you for any help you can provide.


This is the Developer Forum. This question would be better suited to the User community:

The portal should have a customize button:


Thank you for the reply and I apologize if this needs to be within the user forum.

I was assuming that since we had to use scripting to add the banner on other Atlassian products, this would be the same. We did see the “Customize” button but the parameters within there only modify the page below the header. We need to add a banner above the header where “Requests” resides.


Unfortunately that capability does not exist. Are you interested in implementing a Web Item as part of a custom plugin? That should be straightforward as far as Atlassian plugins go.

Oh, you should also be able to use Scriptrunner, if you have that plugin on Server. Happy to help if these are options for you.