Add board in custom webpage


How to add board in custom html page.


Hi Naveen,

Do you have any more details about what you are trying to achieve? Maybe you have a mock-up that you can share.

With the information provided, I’m not really sure if I will be able to help but let me try.

It sounds like you want to add a Jira board (Create a board | Jira Software Cloud | Atlassian Support) to an app page.
If that’s the case, did you consider adding the logic of the app to an existing board instead? When using Connect, you can specify a board in the context variables (

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I am adding project navigation bar using below example json in connect app.

“url”: “”,
“location”: “jira.project.sidebar.navigation”,
“context”: “addon”,
“weight”: 200,
“target”: {
“type”: “page”
, “options”: {}
“key”: “web-item-example”,
“name”: {
“value”: “My web-item”

Once I click click on project navigation bar, It needs to load web page contains board and few another html functionalities (Added screen shot in above message).

Please let me, which modules needs to add to show board in my screen.

How can achieve that. Attached image in above message.