Add confluence cloud macro to insert menu


I read this:

But there is no mention of what “webItems.location” to use so that the macro can be added to the insert menu. Can anybody assist?

Installed Web Fragments but it only showed some locations, not the insert menu location.

Saw a list of web item locations but it was for JIRA ( Could not find anything similar for Confluence.


@JoelPatrickLlosa, where the documentation says: “A brand icon to be used by the web items in the insert menu”, I think the link might be misleading. It is the Macro module in your app descriptor results that results in an Insert menu item. You are not supposed to declare a separate Web Item module in your app descriptor.

The 80x80 pixel icon mentioned simply refers to the icon field in the Macro (Dynamic Content Macro or Static Content Macro) module.

@epehrson Thanks for you reply. I have set “featured”: true in “dynamicContentMacros” but macro does not appear in the “Insert More Content” menu in the editor toolbar.

Have there been any updates? Our team is facing the same issue. We also have featured set to true but the macro doesn’t show in the insert menu. Only when you click “View more” does it show.

Hi @JustinArias and @JoelPatrickLlosa,

The new editor does not show macros that have been marked as featured in the insert menu whereas the old editor does. I’ll ask the appropriate development team if this is intentional.


Thank you, any options or params to pass in that would allow it to be shown in the new editor would be helpful

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