Add custom field to screens using REST API

I am creating a custom field using the JIRA Cloud REST API. It gets added to a default screen. I then have to manually add this field to other screens. Is there a way to do this using the API?

Hi AatifNazar,

as far as I know it is not currently possible. See the following posts:

You can create a custom field context and then assign it to a project and issue type, but I suppose this is a different use case.

Vojtěch Schlemmer [MoroSystems, s.r.o., Czech Republic]

Thanks @VojtechSchlemmer. I knew this was coming :sweat_smile:

It is possible. I am new user so I can only post 2 links lol.
Base URL:

Create Custom fields:
Base URL/v3/api-group-issue-fields/#api-rest-api-3-field-post
Get Screens:
Base URL/v2/api-group-screens/#api-rest-api-2-screens-get
Get Screen Tabs:
Base URL/v3/api-group-screen-tabs/#api-rest-api-3-screens-screenid-tabs-get
Assign Custom Fields to Screen:
Base URL/v2/api-group-screen-tab-fields/#api-rest-api-2-screens-screenid-tabs-tabid-fields-post


Hi, if anyone has similar problem, please vote for this feature:[FRGE-968] - Ecosystem Jira