Add Custom fields to Table view

Hi, is there a way currently to be able to add Custom Fields which have been added to the Trello cards, to the Table view? The Table view looks to be set to default to ‘Card’, ‘List’, ‘Labels’, ‘Members’ and ‘Due Date’. I have cards which contain several dates as a Custom Field and want to be able to add those to the Table view. Similarly would be ideal if there was a way to be able to customise the Table view overall to apply only those fields you want - a bit like what you can do in Jira in the Navigator window space. Tks

Hello @KeiranLunney

Nope. Google ‘trello table view custom fields’, which will find the Trello Table View documentation page, which answers that exact question:

Can I change what card details are shown in the Table view, like the description or Custom Fields?

Not currently, no. The Table view will only display the card names, list, labels, members, and due dates.

Check out the classic Table View Power-Up: Trello

It supports custom fields and is overall a better table view with more features than the native Trello table view.

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