Add custom sticker in random position

I am attempting to use trello functions to put custom stickers on cards. I found a very useful link here, however this requires me to specify the sticker position. Is there a way to have trello/butler randomly pick values for the position entries? And if so, to specify the bounds of said random number so it doesn’t pick an illegal value?

Apologies if this is a simple question; I am not really a programmer.

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Interesting idea. To do so, you’d need to use some sort of random variable in Butler that you could also put some bounds on.

A quick glance at the Butler variables documentation (Butler variables | Trello | Atlassian Support), I don’t see anything that meets those needs.

It seems like your best bet would be to hardcode the location of the sticker.

Thanks, yeah, that would be swell. It frequently feels like Butler can do nearly what you want, but that extra little functionality always ends up being just out of reach. It is what it is I suppose.

Thanks again. I guess I will just have to predict where my teammates will not put stickers and just code the custom ones to go there.