Add GSuite created Customers to Organization via API


I’ve been attempting to automate our processes for adding Customers to our Organization. I looked to the API to be able to manage this.

I’ve consulted the documentation, but have not had success. Our Users/Customers are initially created when added to our GSuite, so I’m wondering if this causes a problem.

When I try the API Customer POST, I get
"This request is invalid. Check that the request contains all the required parameters and that the parameters are valid. (email : An account already exists for this email)"

POST add customer to service desk{{base_url}}/rest/servicedeskapi/servicedesk/1/customer returns a “204 No Content”

POST add customer to organization returns another 204

If I search for the User in the Customer Organization, they do not exist, but they do exist in Admin Users panel (which they did before any API calls)

Anyone have any insight here?


Mark Ellis

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