Add jira expression evaluation Succeeded Webhook

We currently have an App which registers workflow conditions and validators, which get run on Atlassian’s side using the Jira Expression Framework.

We are able to get notified of when an expression fails thanks to the jira_expression_evaluation_failed webhook which we have registered to the Monitoring endpoint.

This allows us to track in our analytics when a customer runs an expression, and it fails.

However, as there is no webhook that notifies us of when an expression succeeds, we are unable to track each time a user runs a condition or validator and it succeeds.

This means we are unable to track all executions for conditions and validators and chart the number that succeeds and the number that fails as we do for other features.

Could Atlassian please add a jira_expression_evaluation_Succeeded Webhook which can be subscribed to through the monitoring endpoint in order to be able to be notified each time a jira expression is run and succeeds.

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