Add Jira Tempo plugin custom fields with Forge Plugin

Hi guys!
Is there a way to add a custom field for the user who logs their time in the Tempo plugin in a Forge application somehow?
In this screenshot I need a custom field under the description:

Thank you for your answers!

@AdamMoore can you please help me with this? Or point me out somebody to help me?

Can someone help us with this? It is really important.

Hello @GyorgyVARGA, It is not possible, this is a Tempo plugin dialogue. Tempo will need to allow that.

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Hello @JakubMierzewski ! Thank you for your response!
I am discussing this with Tempo developers as well. Probably we are looking into a workaround where the Jira admin, who will install the plugin, provides the API key for their Tempo plugin, and our Jira plugin will call these endpoints to update the time logging properties according to the Tempo documentation.

@JakubMierzewski is there any way to include a pop-up window when the Admin configure a plugin to allow access to tempo plugin?

You can use Get started page or Configure page