Add markdown comment via API

Hey guys,
I am trying to automate comments in Jira with n8n using markdown that comes from a python script but when I execute the workflow the Result is not what I expected.
I expected to have a comment with markdown syntax but instead it writes common text with markdown tags

The result is this


Hello @BrunoTeixeira and welcome to the dev community.

Can you please advise:

  1. Which specific REST API endpoint is the request being sent to
  2. What is the format of the request being sent and with what parameters
  3. What is the JSON payload being sent with the body of the request

@BrunoTeixeira by n8n, are you referring to this automation tool: ?

@nmansilla yes I am. I noticed they dont have the v3 already updated and I noticed you guys use another field in the POST Resquest maybe thats the issue?

Hi @sunnyape the json payload being sent does not use the "marks field you guys are using in v3 to find what type of mark a word is using but even using .h1 something that doesnt work either.

I am using n8n Jira node to interact with the API

@BrunoTeixeira I would recommend that you attempt to craft a successful API call yourself, using a REST client like Postman. When you’ve got it working properly share it with n8n.

So, just a heads up, you’ll be wanting to post your comment using the Atlassian Document Format (ADF). Check out this thread for more details:

Hello @BrunoTeixeira . As @nmansilla has discovered, if the n8n workflow is making the request to the v3 REST API, then you have to use ADF, not markdown.

If n8n allows you to make a custom request and to manually specify the endpoint you want and body of that request, you could specify the v2 endpoint and supply the content for the comment in markdown format.

I’d also recommend you look at JRACLOUD-77436 that is tracking a request for a REST API endpoint that can convert markdown and other formats to ADF.