Add-on deployed disabled if translations mentioned in descriptor

I started to develop a simple add-on. Once I started to add the translations descriptors in atlassian-connect.json

"translations": {
        "paths": {
            "en-US": "/i18n/en_US.json"

the deployment has as result the add-on disabled.

The message I get is

Registered with host at https://<my site>
Add-on is disabled on https://<my site> Enable manually via upm

When I try to manually enable it from UPM, i receive an error message

This add-on failed to enable. Contact the add-on vendor for support.

I can reproduce the behavior very easy. If I take out the translations section, everything goes well, but as soon as I reintroduce it, I get the add-on disabled.

Hello @cpitis,

I was able to replicate the same error a few minutes ago. Upon installation, the app is disabled and enabling it results in that error. I was able to fix it, and apparently, the problem on my end is the incorrect location of the translation file. Once I got the location sorted out, I was able to install it as expected.

Here’s the test app I created in case you want to play around with it and/or use as a reference.


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I finally found out what the issue was: the JSON file containing the translations was malformed (missing a comma). I corrected it, and suddenly the macro is installed and enabled at installation.

I discovered this accidentally. I am wondering how can I get more detailed diagnostic in such cases using the development cloud instance.