Add-on installation failure due to user provisioning after back up / import


I have performed a back up for cloud of our main Jira instance and then imported it into my own dev environment. This process did not bring over the installed add-ons, which is fine. However, when I attempt to re-install them I receive the following error message:

"An error occurred while provisioning the user for this add-on. Please try installing it again, and if then problem persists then contact Atlassian support."

I have tried:

  • Deleting the user originally created by the add-on. The installation process then re-creates the user and fails with the same message.
  • Changing the key/username. The installation process creates this new user and fails with the same message.
  • Cleared out all users from my environment to restore trial status and billing is now $0, but the installation process still creates the user and fails with the same message.

I checked the Audit Log and canā€™t see any errors. I can see the user creation seemingly working and that is it.

Has anyone experienced anything similar to this and has any pointers on how to proceed?

If not Iā€™ll go ahead and raise a support request.


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Hi @davidm, this may be due to you having default user groups pending to approve in the User Management section of your site administration. We would prefer for add-on installation not to fail in these cases, which is tracked in AC-2320.

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Thanks @epehrson, you are correct! It took me a little while to find this though as none of the Site Administration links seem to go to it?

I had to go via Jira Administration -> System -> Security, Global permissions -> Configure permissions in user management (link under ā€˜Administer Jiraā€™ ).

Then it took me to a ā€˜Application access configurationā€™ page with a modal stating that there are permissions that need my approval before they can take effect and a number of them with a ā€˜Pending Confirmationā€™ label and each application stating it ā€˜Cannot grant access to X with no default groupsā€™. I approved them all and chose a default for each application and now it is working.

Thanks again!