Add on Installation not working

Hello Folks,

I have developed app using atlassian-connect spring boot. Till Feb it was all working fine. However now no installation is working . I enabled spring CommonsRequestLoggingFilter to figure out the issue. Below is my analysis

For new Installation:
installed api is not getting called at all. I just see one /error post request

For reinstall ( by uninstallaing and then installing again)
install api is getting called but it fails with below error
Installation request was not properly authenticated, but we have already installed the add-on for host [clientKey: 93a8756d-fc2e-38e7-af8d-ebeedba1a803, baseUrl:]. Subsequent installation requests must include valid JWT. Returning 401.

Due to this issue none of my clients are able to install the app. Please help

Hi @Angage360 ,

Apologies for late reply, but for these kind of issues it’s usually a good idea to submit a ticket to the Developer Support service desk:

Can you kindly let us know if you have already done so?


please do you found a solution? I am facing the same problem

@HusseinFares Have you created a DEVHELP ticket as suggested above?