Add-on installed but doesn't show up for user

Hi Atlassian developers,

I’m new here so maybe I’m not aware of some basics in Atlassian add-on development.

I tried to develop my first macro add-on for Confluence Cloud. So I followed the tutorial here and created my cloud development instance. The example hello-world add-on is built and installed successfully - I can see it in the Manage add-ons page in my development site. But when I tried to use the new macro in a confluence page by typing {hello, or looking for it in the macro browser, I can not find it!

I also uploaded the example hello-world add-on to Heroku and tried it, but didn’t get any luck. Here is the App Descriptor.

Did I missing anything?

It’s highly appreciated if anyone can point out what’s the problem.



Can you provide a screenshot of the macro browser showing where it doesn’t show up?

Might be because of this:

Workaround: Clear your browser cache, or maybe try opening your browser dev tools and disabling the cache. That might help you continue on while Atlassian are fixing this issue.


The workaround works!

Thanks for your information. Hope this issue get fixed soon.


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This is a problem that can cause a bad first experience for someone who is trying a new plugin.

I have an app that got a 1-star review because a user ran into this and got frustrated. is in progress but it has been slow going. If this issue affects you please upvote the bug.

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