Add own REST endpoints to Jira Cloud using Atlassian Connect Express

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Is it possible to create/add custom, own REST endpoints to Jira Cloud using Atlassian Connect Express? I would like to develop an app that will integrate Jira cloud instance with a 3rd party app calling a REST endpoint.

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No and yes.

Strictly speaking, no your App cannot extend the Jira REST API.

However, the Connect App itself is a service that is already serving up HTTP endpoints like the Connect lifecycle handlers. There’s no reason an app cannot surface it’s own REST API. For example, the popular time-tracking app for Jira, Tempo, surfaces it’s own REST API. The implementation is completely up to you. Which is also to say that it’s not in scope as an Atlassian Connect feature; hence, we do not have any documentation or examples to provide.

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Hi @Ivana1 ,
to complement what @ibuchanan said, implementing (exposing) a REST API from your app’s backend is easy, but of course it will be accessible through URLs that point to your backend, not Jira’s. However, you’ll also need to implement your own authentication mechanism, you won’t be able to use Jira’s. This is the biggest pain point. See [AC-2515] - Ecosystem Jira