Added support for issue view refresh

Custom UI apps rendered within an issue view screen may now use the refresh method to update the view without performing a full-page reload.


Thanks a lot @vpetrychuk!

I just tried it, and it works great: i.e., the Jira issue field updates immediately.

However, what also happens is a re-rendering of the Forge app that is running in the Issue-Pannel. This means a complete reload of the app (and app state), which stops us from using the new method.

I can share a video with you if you like to see what it looks like - just let me know.

How can I use
without re-rendering the Forge app?

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Hi @bjornbrynjar,

When called, view.refresh() updates the issue view and all the apps in it. At the moment there is no option to keep the app unaffected by the refresh. However, we are constantly working on improvements and our end goal is to keep the issue view and apps in sync at some point. But for now, the feature you are looking for, doesn’t exist



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