Adding ability to retrieve time zone for user entity

What is changing?
We have added the ability to retrieve user’s time zone to all the REST APIs which retrieve user profile information.

If the user has set up a time zone, it will be retrieved from the user profile, otherwise it will default to the tenant time zone.

user with time zone

"timeZone": "US/Pacific"

user without time zone

"timeZone": "America/Los_Angeles" (default to tenant time zone)

Why is it changing?
This was requested by the developer community.

When will this roll out?
We will release in increment phases in production (10%, 50%, and 100%). Target to 100% production Dec 9, 2021.


@TapanParikh awesome! Is this coming to Jira Cloud as well?

Thanks for reaching out. Hope this fix works for you.

Unfortunately, I am from Confluence Cloud team not sure about Jira Cloud timeline.

Thanks you @TapanParikh
Which APIs in particular? Are you talking about these?


Dear @TapanParikh ,

wouldn’t it make sense the add the locale as well. The same arguments apply here as well. The Jira REST response on /rest/api/3/user contains the locale, the corresponding response in Confluence does not.

Thank you


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Thanks for reaching out.
It will impact all the APIs which fetches user entities.

Thanks for bringing that up.
We can do some analysis on our end and we can handle it in a separate ticket to add the new locale parameter.

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