Adding comment section to custom content

I am trying to develop an app which has some custom content, following this tutorial: Tutorials, example apps, and guides

I would like my custom content page to also include the comment section I get at the bottom of standard pages. Is that possible or do I have to build my own UI for comments? The same goes for page history.

Hi @YvesNoirjean,

Thanks for reaching out. Confluence has pre-defined hierarchy of content types. Spaces have pages, pages have comments. Since, you are defining new content type ‘Customer’ in that tutorial, it has no hierarchy defined. Unfortunately, you can’t bring in the comments as you are expecting. But, custom content is flexible enough to build it on your own. We have a tutorial on it in which we called it ‘Notes’ instead of ‘Comments’. You can find it here - Working with custom content children

Hi @aagrawal2 Following up on this question, the custom content docs indicate that you can register a supportedChildType which can be a comment or attachment. What does this achieve? Reading this doc, I’m under the impression that you can simply plug and play comments into your custom content.

Confluence has few content types by default like pages, attachments, comments, blogposts. You can retrieve the content types using Get content children by type API. But there can be times when you want a custom content of type which doesn’t fit either of these.

In the above tutorial, there is a ‘Customer’ type for each customer. If you want each customer to have contacts, you can have a ‘Contact’ content type under Customer content type. Benefit of this will be:

  • You have control over hierarchy of the custom content types.
  • Custom content types are searchable. To learn more about how to add indexing and make queries, you can checkout this tutorial.

Hope this helps :slight_smile: