Adding custom sticker to card API always returns "Invalid sticker ID"


I’m having the problem pretty much described by the title.

The API I’m using: POST /1/cards/{id}/stickers

The one parameter I’m having problem with is the image field:

For custom stickers, the id of the sticker. For default stickers, the string identifier (like ‘taco-cool’, see below)

The documentation says the id of the sticker, I looked it up by sending GET request, and tried every possible id-ish letter sequence, all result in “Invalid sticker id” error

Not sure I’m missing here, please advice.

If you want to use custom stickers on cards, you have to lookup the id of that sticker first. Refer to this article on how to use the REST API to lookup the ids of custom stickers for board members.

Once you know the id of the custom sticker, you set it for a card the same way as the built-in stickers.
This request body is working just fine for me:

    "image" : "61e3abb60894567e126a2b58",
    "top" : "-0.62",
    "left" : "75.18",
    "zIndex" : "1",
    "rotate" : "0",
    "key" : "{{TrelloKey}}",
    "token" : "{{TrelloToken}}"

Here is the result:

Trello card stickers

Thanks very much, the solution you provided works.

I have to note that I tried to query the id from the get sticker on card API, which didn’t work and doesn’t match the id I get from above method.


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